Our Goals

Designing a room successfully is a difficult, complex process which we want to simply for you. The creation of a master design plan is critical for creating a space that functions well and that is aesthetically pleasing. If you know how the process works, you will be far more comfortable while we are working together and decisions will be easier for you to make.
Your residence should reflect your design style not that of your designer or their other clients. If you know what you like wonderful — if you don’t - we will work on identifying and defining your personal style. Your rooms should look and feel like you, not your best friend’s or neighbor.
If you are building or remodeling we will manage your “decision timeline” so you are not rushed into making hasty decisions. By knowing the finished look you wish to achieve, we can insure your decisions will lead to that goal. If your project involves design and décor we will present multiple design options based on our understanding of your preferred style. We will educate you about quality and different price points so you can make intelligent choices. We will manage your project from start to completion.


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Our Goals

To help our clients…

Understand the design process.

Define their own design style.

“Susan does a very careful job of listening and really understood what was important to us. We laughed about how well she could predict what we were going to choose before she asked us.”

Provide stress-free project management.

“Susan has a clear understanding of the construction process and what it takes to produce an excellent result. She scheduled the hundreds of decisions that had to be made so we were prepared by the time the construction process needed our answers. (Nov. 2014)”