Design and decorate interior spaces


Design and decorate interior spaces

Design focuses on room layout, scale and functionality. Decorating focuses on individual selections — furniture, fabric, carpeting, wall color, window treatment etc. that go into a well-designed room. Susan works with her clients to discover their lifestyle and design style and she then works with them to interpret and design that lifestyle into their rooms. Susan loves beautiful things BUT she is very practical and realizes that a young family with pets lives very differently than a couple downsizing from their larger residence.

Today’s world of retail interior is filled with poorly made goods all selling at “sale” prices. It is impossible for a homeowner to know what they are buying and what it should cost. Susan educates her clients about what is available in the marketplace and explains to them the various levels of quality. She does not shop retail, she selects from over 100 manufacturer’s that offer well made products at varying price points.

“Susan explained how a master plan should be made for each room before anything is purchased for that space. I was always buying random pieces that were on sale and never thought about a total design concept. We were able to see the entire room on paper and know the cost before we ordered anything.” – Marblehead Homeowner

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