Why hire us?

Susan and I discussed all of my kitchen needs and wish list and she drew a preliminary plan for her kitchen workroom. I then accompanied her to select cabinet styles and counter top material. The kitchen was then put in 3D form on the computer so my husband and I could see our dream kitchen on paper. Susan was able to make the kitchen something special in our home.

Newton MA – Homeowner

Susan explained how a master plan should be made for each room before anything is purchased for that space. I was always buying random pieces that were on sale and never thought about a total design concept. We were able to see the entire room on paper and know the cost before we ordered anything.

Marblehead, MA – Homeowner

The process to renovate our home involved many tradespeople working over many months. We were impressed not only with the quality of the workpeople but the way she set up a timeline months ahead of schedule which helped prepare us for what decisions needed to be made.

Wayland, MA – Homeowner

We had no idea how to find an architect or builder for builder our new home. We are so pleased we hired Susan first, so she could introduce us to several people in each field and explain to us the questions to ask them. She was involved from the beginning to the end of our project and was a tremendous help during each phase

Wayland, MA – Homeowner

Susan was with us from beginning to end of building our home. She helped us sort through the multiple choices available and kept us from slowing our builder down. She knew what we wanted and was often able to save us time in the decision making process.
Wayland, MA – Homeowner

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